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The stand-alone prequel to CAROLINA MOON: A Campy Trailer Trash Tragedy.

TRAILER TRASH CHRISTMAS takes place several months prior to it’s predecessor and deals with the reaction of the trailerites when they first receive word of the eviction (which is in it’s last stages at the start of CAROLINA MOON.) As Betty Bradley says upon opening her mail - “Leave it to those Jews to send an eviction notice in a Happy Holidays card. Happy Holidays! I mean really. Would it have killed them to write Merry Christmas?”

All the characters from the original MOON join forces to raise money for a legal defense fund to fight the pending eviction. Deloris Scrud and Betty Bradley are busy making crafts to sell. Betty is very proud of her idea of hiding miniature crowns of thorns inside popcorn balls while Deloris is working hard fastening empty cigarette packs to home-made wreaths – “I call em smoke rings!” Mellie Tupper decides to enter the Miss Merry Christmas Pageant at the adjacent gay entertainment complex to kick off the defense fund with the prize money she will undoubtedly win. Unfortunately Mellie is unceremoniously disqualified when she begins leaking blood through her swimsuit during the competition and it is discovered she is a real woman.
So the residents plan to stage a “Drive-Thru Nativity Scene” as a fundraiser. But the entire park is in uproar over the disappearance of the plastic light-up Virgin Mary. Not wanting to spend the money to buy a new Virgin, they hold auditions for a real-life stand in and all hell breaks loose when cross-dressing street hooker Latonya Tyrone is told she cannot audition due to the color of her skin. Latonya protests – “I’ll have you know Mary was a Ethafalopian!”

Meanwhile competition amongst the women of the mobile home park is at fever pitch. After all, if the eviction goes through, this will be the very last year for the Annual Christmas Lot Decorating and Lighting Contest.

Appearing for the first time in TRAILER TRASH CHRISTMAS is Jasper Bumby – the camouflage wearing, rifle toting, taxidermist and war veteran who suffers dramatically from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jasper accidentally shot his wife in the face while “Securing the perimeter” of the park one night. She died and Jasper is furious that the state of Florida will not allow him to stuff his wife and keep her in his trailer but he remains excited about the bulls-eye targets he has hung on the various nativity characters. He hopes to raise money for the defense fund by renting rifles to the tourists he anticipates will flock to what is now being promoted as “The Carolina Moon Drive-Thru Nativity and Shooting Gallery”.

There’s one last problem. The Chicken Boy won’t stop trying to penetrate Jaspers prize winning stuffed moose that is doubling as a reindeer in the Nativity scene. It’s opening day of the Nativity and Jasper has vowed to shoot Chicken Boy if he goes anywhere near his Moose. And oh, goodness –is that a 350-pound ballerina who has assumed the role of Baby Jesus?

It’s a visual yuletide feast for the eyes. It’s wacky. It’s irreverent. It’s Hysterical. It’s one “oh no they didn’t” moment after another. It’s A TRAILER TRASH CHRISTMAS.
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• Cast: 2 males playing multiple male and female characters
• Single Set
• Plastic Light Up Nativity Scene and few other specialty props Specialty quick-change costumes for 11 outlandish characters
• 3 Music tracks
• Running Time: 75 - 80 minutes


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“Theater maven Michael Wanzie knows how to make people laugh. He’s wildly clever at weaving socially forbidden subject matter and slurs of every stripe into his scripts, including the one he wrote for the just debuted A Trailer Trash Christmas…the two actors play multiple over-the-top characters – mostly Southern women living hard-luck lives on the fringe of a gay nightclub. The physical comedy goes right for the gut. Never ever will I forget Wanzie dolled up as a 300-pound mentally challenged young girl in an oversized tutu. She lisps through lips smudged with red lipstick and exuberantly skips across the stage singing a medley that veers from ”Do You Hear What I Hear” to “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” to “Respect.” It’s more twisted than watching the “Hippo Ballet” in Fantasia on acid.

Trailer Trash Christmas is naughty and outrageous fun…frustrated homemaker and Melmac collector Mellie Tupper; stuffed animal humper Chicken Boy: and a taxidermist who wants to use the later for assault –weapon target practice for defiling his moose.

The prequel begins with a Christmas card carrying a notice of eviction, and the announcement of a series of take-no-prisoners festivities. There’s’ the Carolina Moon Holiday Parade of Lots Christmas Display & Tree Trimming Competition, along with the Drive –by Nativity Shooting Gallery and the Miss very Merry Christmas Pageant…eccentric personalities in a series of cozy vignette presented on a craftily designed set. Stings of lights are warped around the outline of frailer homes and just about everything else on the site, including an overbearing crucifix.

Before the seriousness and self –righteousness of the season overwhelm you, go…see…laugh…and don’t bring anyone who couldn’t handle a few blow-job jokes at the baby Jesus’ expense.
– Lindy Shepherd, Orlando Weekly

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Trailer Trash Christmas
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